Supernatural Adventures:


You've Got Work To Do!

Ghosts, demons, and monsters aren’t going to take a vacation, so neither can you. Whether you’ve been hunting the supernatural your whole life or just this summer, this book’s got more than enough to keep you busy. From demon bikers to diabolical alchemists, evil never lets up in this collection of five adventures for the Supernatural Role Playing Game.

Bring your own hunters to the party or play as Sam, Dean, and other characters from the hit show on the CW Network. Whether you play each adventure as a stand-alone story or string them together as a mini-campaign, Supernatural Adventures is the perfect accessory for full-throttle horror action-adventure in the world of Supernatural.

Featuring the talents of Graeme Davis, Ralph Dula, Jess Hartley, George Holochwost, and CA Suleiman

Edited by Cam Banks

Jess’ Contributions

  • The Red Ghost - a Supernatural adventure set in the Southwest